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For many years, Sunsoar has been producing high quality, innovative admixture technologies for concrete. Sunsoar’s product was a concrete admixture that allowed for the electrification of tunnels in China by waterproofing the concrete that lined the interior. Now recognised as a world leader in speciality chemicals and other products specifically engineered for concrete, we continue to bring technologies to the market that focus on the optimisation of costs, work-ability, and durability of concrete throughout the production and application processes.

With a full line of concrete admixtures and complementary products for cement production, ready mix, tunneling & mining, precast/prestress, paving, manufactured concrete products, and dry mortar production, Sunsoar has unique and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the concrete industry. Our broad range of admixtures help to improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results to our customers and end users.

Sunsoar Products are used in a wide array of applications and always fulfill the highest quality standards. We are committed to customer satisfaction, innovation, and teamwork.

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With a core competency and rich experience in concrete production, we strive to look beyond the commodity market to design and create concrete admixtures that give our customers an advantage and set them apart in their marketplace.

Our concrete admixture line of products encompasses a group of polycarboxylate and naphthalene sulfonate based, high performing, water-reducing concrete & mortar admixtures.

From conventional to high-strength, self-consolidating concrete, our  products are specially formulated to provide full range water reduction with a variety of cementitious materials allowing for ultimate versatility. As the domestic’s largest supplier of concrete admixture  technology developed specifically for cement and concrete production, we truly understand the building blocks of polymer design. The result is products that are less sensitive to the many variables that can affect concrete, providing our customers greater consistency .

Sunsoar partners with customers and develops a solid understanding of their business and needs, ultimately playing a role in their success. As a part of this our representatives provide the highest level of technical support from project inception to actual concrete placement in the field. We work with customers to establish value added concrete, designing mixes that stand out among the rest…taking concrete beyond a commodity product.